ALEXIS HOY – November 14, 2023

Alexis Hoy is a knitwear designer, writer, artist, and knitting instructor who has never been able to pick just one. She has been designing knitting patterns for over a decade, with a focus on unusual techniques and local fibre producers. Alexis lives with her husband, three sons, and a growing animal menagerie on a small century farm in Southern Ontario. You can find her online at


Sandi Rosner learned to knit in the late 1970s from the instructions in the back of a magazine. She has made her living in the yarn business since 1999. Sandi has owned a local yarn store, been the creative director for a large yarn company, and has worked extensively as a freelance designer, technical editor, teacher and writer. She is the author of 4 books, most recently 21 Crocheted Tanks & Tunics: Stylish Designs for Every Occasion. Sandi is currently the Technical Content Editor for all things yarn at and Interweave Knits magazine.


The world is FULL of inspiration – from far away travels to everyday scenes. Let’s look at how to source inspiration and how to use it as a springboard for your knitted projects.  Moving onto how to record your ideas, develop unique colour palettes and become more creative in your daily life.  This may even change the way you look at the world!

Looking not only at the initial spark but at underlying design themes such as rhythm, pattern, balance, repetition, shape, proportion, texture, movement and so on. Then delving deeper, going onto explore the creative process, tips and methods, including swatching, making a plan for how you might jump-start your own unique ideas


Fiona Ellis graduated from DeMontfort University (England) with a degree in fashion design, specializing in hand-knitwear design. Her original designs have been sold to major fashion houses in New York, London and Paris for mass market production. Her designs have been published in many knitwear magazines and she has authored ‘Inspired Cable Knits’, ‘Knitspiration Journal’ and ‘Inspired Fair Isle Knits’. She loves to share her passion through her many in person and on-line courses.

Tin Can Knits’ Alexa Ludeman – May 9th, 2023

Alexa and Emily write of their beginnings…”One fateful day years ago, the two of us met while working at a knit shop in Vancouver, Canada. We came from different career paths (Alexa from teaching and Emily from architecture), but had both begun to dabble in pattern design. In 2010, we headed out for a weekend visit to Tofino, one of our favourite places. At the beach, walking and talking under a starry sky the idea of Tin Can Knits began. We dreamed of publishing a book. In 2011 we began to dream bigger, aiming to turn knit design into a day job. Now, 13 years later, we have a catalog of 193 patterns and 11 collections, and it keeps on growing!”

Sylvia Olsen – March 14th, 2023

SYLVIA OLSEN is a master storyteller, historian, knitter, designer, and award-winning, best-selling author. She spent seventeen years buying and selling Cowichan sweaters in a shop behind her home on the Tsartlip First Nation Reserve near Victoria, BC. Since then she has studied the history of the knitting tradition and how it fits into the broader scope of knitting traditions around the world. With her daughter, Joni, Sylvia works in Salish Fusion, the Olsen family business that creates knitted things. Sylvia’s latest book, “Unravelling Canada: A Knitting Odyssey“, tells the story, sometimes conflicted, sometimes celebratory, of her six week knitting tour across the country that examines the natural spaces and cultural geography of this great land through a knitting lens. In her presentation Sylvia will talk about the history of the Cowichan Sweater and the Coast Salish knitters, one of Canada’s most exceptional knitting stories.