Sally Melville, April 9, 2024

Until her move to Ottawa in 2008, Sally Melville lived in KW. While there and in the mid-80’s, she—with friends—established the KW KNITTERS’ GUILD. Sally taught regularly for the guild, but she also hired workshop leaders from around the world, and those teachers encouraged her to both travel to teach and to publish.

Over the course of her publishing career, she wrote seven knitting books (including THE KNIT STITCH, a best-selling learn-to-knit book which sold 300,000 copies and has been translated into French and Russian) and published a variety of patterns on Ravelry. But her favourite work is her last—KNITTING PATTERN ESSENTIALS—a book that teaches Sally’s favourite skill (pattern drafting) and puts those skills into the hands of every knitter. 

The travelling to teach took her around the world and to Denver where she put much of her teaching expertise onto the Craftsy platform. She retired in 2019 after a wonderful career—speaking to folk who can appreciate the perfect buttonhole, who admire the textures and colors and techniques of knitting, who love to wear what they knit, and who know that life is about learning.

In/near Kitchener-Waterloo: