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Trilogy of Triangles



Presented by one of our own members, Nancy Lekx!

A Trilogy of Triangles

Many of the most popular shawl patterns are triangles, and in this workshop we will examine the construction of three classic triangular shapes:  bottom-up, top-down (with a garter tab cast-on and a central spine stitch), and an asymmetrical triangle knit side to side.  All three triangles will be shaped with simple increases on right-side rows only.  We will discuss how to find stitch patterns that easily fit into these constructions, then learn how to adapt either the stitch pattern or the rate of shawl-shaping increases in order to use stitch patterns that don’t fit nicely into the formula.  While much of that work will be done with paper and pencil, we will spend some time knitting shawl beginnings, working on effective cast-ons and increases for shaping shawls.  Just think how everyone will “ooh and aah” at Knit Night when you tell them you designed the shawl you’re wearing!

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