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Regular (prize winners selected by adjudication)

  • Keeping warm: hats (and other head and ear coverings), hand coverings (e.g., gloves, mittens), and foot coverings (e.g., socks, slippers)
  • Clothing: sweaters, dresses, skirts and shirts
  • Housewares (large): blankets, wall hangings, tablecloths, etc.
  • Housewares (small): pillows, toys, decorations, dishcloths, etc.
  • Necks and shoulders: scarfs, shawls, ponchos, etc.

Bonus (prize winners selected by adjudication)

  • Multidisciplinary: items that have both knitting and crochet elements are eligible for this category, in addition to their primary category, listed above

Draws (prize winners selected by random draw)

  • Guild Design: If your entry uses a pattern designed by a KWKG member (your own or someone else’s), it is eligible for this draw.
  • COVID-inspired: Did you learn a new technique while stuck at home? Make an amigurumi model of the COVID-19 virus? Explain how COVID led to you creating this item, and it will be eligible for this draw.


Within the regular and bonus categories, there will be three subcategories:

  • Beginner
    • First item of a “type” you’ve knit (e.g., first socks, first shawl)
    • First time using a new technique (e.g., first colourwork project, first lace project)
    • First time using new materials/fibre
    • First time entering an item for adjudication
  • Intermediate
    • It’s not your first time, but you aren’t an expert either
  • Expert
    • You are a professional knitter/designer/fibre artist
    • You are regularly recognized as an expert knitter
    • Your work is regularly recognized through awards

We reserve the right to move an item to another category or subcategory if we think it has been miscategorized.


You must be a guild member to enter items in the show. Items must have been completed after June 12, 2018 (the date of our last show).