The history of this table goes back more than 10 years. At that time people were making and donating things on their own and using their own yarn to do it. The executive thought that if they didn’t have to use up their own stash (OK put a little dent in it) then more people might lend their hands to knitting for others. I have also heard, but haven’t actually seen, that some people don’t have a stash. (!?)

So the Charity Table came about. There was a large yarn donation and some members took zip-lock bags and filled them with patterns and enough yarn to complete them.

Charity Table Procedures

The idea is that members will come and take a bag from the table, knit the item and bring it back to the Charity Table when it is finished. These are passed on to various charities. Right now they are going to Canadian Food for Children who ship items all over the world and are completely volunteer and donation driven, There are no administrative costs at all.

However, you contribution can go to any charity that you wish. You can drop it off yourselves and either return the copy of the pattern or pick up more yarn and knit more. There is no watchdog, no requirement to check in and you can give your item away where ever you wish. We trust that the giving hearts and hands of the Guild will pass along the items as needed.

If you hear or know of anyone with yarn to donate (from one ball to one garbage bag full) the Charity Table is always pleased to accept it.