This year has been filled with turmoil and a lot of people have been dealing with more stress and anxiety than normal. Seeing the pressure people were under last week in the United States and around the world Amy Singer of Knitty started the Emotional Life Jacket knitalong on Twitter and Instagram.

The guild is taking inspiration from that and will be hosting an Emotional Support make-a-long. This is make-a-long is multicraftual, what you make isn’t as important as how it makes you feel. Pick a pattern, any pattern or a WIP that you would like to make as comfort crafting and join us to chat and support each other in this really tough year.

The sessions will be every other Friday, starting November 13, for the rest of 2020, and we are resuming January 8 for 2021!

I want in!

Wonderful! You must be a member to join us. You can update your preferences and select KWKG Extras: Emotional Support MAL to get reminders and updates.