1. An Original Act: e.g., did you design the item, the pattern, the fibre? Did you dye the yarn?
  2. Classics, Traditional: e.g., fisherman knits, Guernsey, Estonian lace, Fair Isle, Shetland, Lace, Mary Maxim, any classic design that has stood the test of time
  3. Keeping Cozy: e.g., mittens, gloves, wrist-warmers, fingerless gloves, socks, slippers, leg-warmers
  4. Home Decor – Let’s be clever!: e.g., blankets, pillows, afghans, curtains, ottomans, household accessories, home décor, door stoppers, Christmas decorations, toys (Teddy Bears, dolls, stuffed animals)
  5. It’s a Wrap: e.g., scarves, shawls, wraps, ponchos
  6. Jewelry: e.g., necklace, bracelet (as we saw from Laura Nelkin), knitted collars, cuffs
  7. Runway Fashions, Couture: e.g., garments to wear, dresses, skirts, kimonos, interesting finishing, bell sleeves, short rows, hand sewn buttonholes, fine details, perfect fitting.
  8. Bags, Bags, Bags!: e.g., purses, market bags, clutch purses, beaded purses, diaper bag, knapsack, cross-body
  9. Not for adjudication (for display only) Have something that you want to show off, but not have judged? This is the category for you.

Subcategories (apply to categories 1 – 6)

First Timer

  • First item of a “type” you’ve knit (e.g., first socks, first shawl, etc.)
  • First time using a new technique (e.g., first colourwork project, first lace project, etc.)
  • First time using new materials or fibre
  • First time entering an item for adjudication


It’s not your first time, but you aren’t a guru either


  • You are a professional knitter, designer, or fibre artist
  • You are regularly recognized as an expert knitter
  • Your work is regularly recognized through awards

Note: The Adjudicated Show committee reserves the right to reassign entries if they deem the entry is better suited to another category.