Our Adjudicator for our June show is Lynn Spence! Lynn lives in Cambridge. Lynn comes to us as a stylist and trend expert. She is looking forward to seeing what we are knitting! She will be unbiased and style and fashion-conscious. We discussed the importance of keeping the art of knitting alive and current. Maybe knitting with a twist. How about making that classic Guernsey in the latest fashion colour, add a colour border to a plain scarf or shawl –bright pink or orange to a black shawl! Or show some style and fashion elements by embellishing the collar and cuffs with pearls, pompoms or fur! Take the ordinary and add to it. Add to something you already have and make it relevant for today.

We can show her our well-made items, well-constructed with skill. Show off our finishing techniques and our fine detail. Take items to the next lever – have lined skirts and lined bags.

For you professional knitters and designers, Lynn would also like to see items that are accessible and attainable. Could this be a retail product? How long does it take to make? Is it affordable?

It is sure to be an interesting and entertaining show. I’m sure we will enjoy it immensely and possibly learn something new.