At November General Meeting, a member committee that had its origins almost 3 years ago, and has been working for several months, will be presenting to you some very important agenda items that require a Membership vote.

The KW Knitters’ Guild is governed by a Constitution and By-Laws document, commonly referred to as “the Constitution”, which outlines our purpose, our Membership requirements, and at a very high level how the Guild is structured to carry out its purpose and serve its membership.

Constitutions for organizations like ours are living documents and periodically subject to review and revision. The operational needs of our Guild have evolved, and over the past few years we have encountered several situations in which our operating needs are different than what is set out in the current document. For the past few months, a Member committee has been studying the current constitution and by-laws, and with input from the executive has put together a proposal for revisions to the document.

At the November meeting, we will have prepared for you a draft of a revised Constitution and By-laws for the Kitchener Waterloo Knitters Guild, together with copies of our current Constitution and By-Laws (2008-2009), and a list itemizing each changed contents item that will require a vote of the Membership. The Constitution currently requires that this be presented to you for consideration at least one month in advance of any vote; we are doing this with additional lead time. The information will be available as of the November meeting. At the December meeting, allowing that many people are busy and we often have a more social aspect to the agenda, there will be an information table where you can come to the committee and discuss any items or get any clarification you need. Voting on the Constitution and By-Laws changes will then take place at the January General meeting, in hopes that we may move forward into spring with a revised governing document. Your participation in this process is invaluable and is a key duty of Membership in any organization such as ours. We very much appreciate your input and careful consideration.