Skills night! December 2013

December is a great time to learn new skills we can maybe practice right away on our holiday knitting!  This month we’re focusing on great ways to get your knitting started, with 3 unique ways to cast-on, as well as a handy skill, two-handed knitting. Be sure to bring the required supplies for the skills you’d like to learn along to our meeting on December 10th. 

Two-Handed Knitting

Frustrated with trying to work stranded colourwork with both colours in one hand or having to switch back and forth? Try out a new technique by knitting two-handed.  Not just great for colourwork but can also be used for things like joining in a new ball to your project. Bring 2 colours of yarn and appropriate needles if you’d like to try this technique. 

Tubular Cast-On

A great companion to the Tubular Bind-off, Tubular Cast-On is great for starting a project off in ribbing for a nice firm but stretchy, seamless looking edge. To try this technique bring 2 colours of yarn (one to use as a waste yarn) and appropriate needles. 

Judy’s Magic Cast-On

Back by popular request, we have Judy’s Magic Cast-on, with some extra fun: NOT JUST FOR SOCK TOES! This versatile method can be adapted for not just all knit-in-the-round projects, like mittens, sock monsters, or tubular scarves, but for flat circular knitting (the Pi shawl), any centre-out project, and it’s even an awesome provisional cast-on. The basic JMCO was first published in Knitty Magazine in 2006, and is still available online here: For copyright reasons, this page cannot be offered as a handout, however, it can always be reviewed at the above link. Participants wishing to try this technique out should bring at least one circular needle; two would be ideal particularly if you want to try a larger project than just a sock toe/mitten top. Any yarn appropriate for the needle size is fine. If you have a particular application you would like to use the JMCO for, bring along your suggestions and we’ll brainstorm it with you! 

Jeny’s Stretchy Slipknot Cast-On

For projects that require a super stretchy cast-on, come learn Jeny’s Stretchy Slipknot Cast-On.  As described here,, the slipknot cast-on is a great stretchy cast-on edge that pairs well with Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-off. Bring yarn and appropriate needles to try out this new cast-on!