Dear 2013 KW Knitters’ Fair attendees

n behalf of the Fair Committee, I would like to thank everyone who joined us for the 2013 fair, and apologize for the issues that we had moving to a new location. As you can imagine, moving such a large event is a huge undertaking, and we had a few last-minute snags that compounded to create the long lines that many of you weathered, and the lack of seating once you got inside.

There were several reasons for the move from Bingeman’s, including operating costs, location, and parking. We especially regret the new fire regulations that made the space too small for our usual capacity, but these were new province-wide rules that would have affected the old location as well. We do our best to keep up with all of the rules, but this one took us by surprise.

We have heard lots of feedback from attendees and from those who were unable to wait to get in, and have many ideas for making next year’s fair better. We think that The Aud can be a great location for the event, and we hope that you will join us in giving them another chance next year.

Keep watching this website for updates throughout the year, where we will let you know about the new things we are doing to improve the situation. At the very least, we will have more space so that the fire safety rules will allow more people in at a time, more seating on the same level as the shops, and more food options. I hope to have other exciting new events to share with you all, as soon as they are confirmed!

Jennifer Dellow
2014 Knitters’ Fair Coordinator